5 Must Places For Haunted New York Tour

Haunted New York Tour

New York City is famous for various things such as the Statue of Liberty, times square, central park, and many more. Along with these alluring destinations, New York City has many haunted stories as well. Every corner of the city experiences paranormal activities. If you want to experience the Haunted New York tour, then Halloween is the best time to visit this place. The city is decorated like a blushing bride at the time of Halloween, and you will also experience hair-raising moments at this time. London Attractions Kids

Are you craving some spooky fun in New York City? We have got the solution for this. Give a unique beginning to your New York tour. This article tells you about the places for a haunted New York tour. There is no fairy tale and princesses, only ghosts and insanity.

Memorable Haunted New York Tour

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Palmyra historical museum, Palmyra: The historical palace in New York City has a fascinating story behind it. This happened in 1964; a young mother and six children passed away in a fire accident. For many years, after this incident, some creepy noise and smell of ash lingering in the basement at night.

The white horse tavern: It is believed that a haunt of writers, the White Horse Tavern opened the doors of this place in 1880 and greeted famous authors. Second-oldest continuously runs a tavern in the city is most famous because the 39-year-old Dylan Thomas claimed that he drank 18 straight whiskey shots there before his demise in late 1953and now the ghost of that person is said to hang about the tavern from time to time. Isn’t it scary?

St. Mark’s Church In the Bowery: the church is believed to be haunted by Peter Stuyvesant, a well-known governor during the mid-1600s. He is more interesting than scary as he seems to be more interested in singing. People believe that they have heard someone singing inside the church, and it’s the most creepy thing.

The Woodlawn Cemetery: this place is the resting hub of many Webster avenues at east. You may or may not come across a fellow with a flashlight, shouting and waving around, which is behind Frankie’s Castle monument. The architecture of the place is quite alluring.

McCarren Park Pool: The Greenpoint’s public pool had the scary incident of a small girl drowning on-site. Till today it is said that the girl is found roaming and screaming out for help. There is no public record for this death. If you can take the risk, then you can visit this place.


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Visiting New York for spooky and thrilling fun is an excellent choice. Haunted New York tour can be your best memory and adventurous one too. Halloween is a fantastic time to experience fun and sinister in New York City.

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