Amazing Tour Guide For New York

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New York has plenty to offer to travelers. From Central Park to Brooklyn Bridge there’s a lot to explore. There are so many exciting places that you might feel short on time. It’s natural to get confused while visiting a new place. But no need to worry since in the beginning nobody has any idea. Are you someone who is visiting or going to visit New York? If yes then the following tour guide can help you in your journey. It will solve queries related to sightseeing in simple words. 

Visiting Statue of Liberty With Ellis Island

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The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous tourist attractions of New York City. You can get a closer glimpse by signing up for an expedition aka New York Tour 1 which allows tourists to view up to 4 hours or so. There will be a guide who will explain and deliver every relevant information. It may cost around $60 to $50 for one ticket. They can check out the Immigration Museum, the grounds of Liberty, the Pedestal at Liberty Island, Ellis Islands, and many more. From  Castle Clinton 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM the tour choice is accessible. 

Tour Of Central Park Through Bikes

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The best part of the Central Park tour is the bike ride. People can rent bikes and enjoy their journey. They can purchase tickets that cost about $50 for an average adult and $35 in the case of kids. The cost of bicycles is already added to the ticket price. Equipment like helmets is given along with bicycles. There will be a guide with all expertise with tourists. The first tour starts at 9 in the morning. 

Touring The Wall Street

Wall Street is situated in the Lower Manhattan area of New York. It’s the headquarters of some of the remarkable brokerages and investment banks. If you are interested in exploring finance history then this place may interest you. A tour to the New York Stock Exchange might be a good option. From 1:30 PM trips are accessible on Broad Street which is not far away from Wall Street. Although it is only available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Depending on the age group the ticket prices lie between $35 to $25. 


Visiting a new place can be a daunting experience especially if you don’t know anything about the place. To help such people here is a tour guide for New York. The guide mentions places like the Statue of Liberty with Ellis Island. Here you check out the Immigration Museum, the grounds of Liberty, the Pedestal at Liberty Island, Ellis Islands, and other nearby places. Then cover Central Park too. Touring Wall Street where tourists also get a glimpse of the 9/11 memorial, the 2008 financial crisis, and many more.

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