Boston To New York Tour And Tips You Should Know To Do It Cheap

boston to new york tour

Whether it is a weekend or a vacation, the best way to spend it is to go on a trip. Trips are an enriching way of rejuvenating and recreating oneself. Many times, people waste precious time on a couch eating potato chips and watching movies. Small trips are a good way of knowing a place. Every place has some history attached to it. So, going on a short trip will enable people to know and connect more with history. Boston and New York are almost 3 to 4 hours away. So, Boston to New York tour is the best way to spend the weekend discovering amazing destinations. This article will deal with various tourist destinations in Boston and New York.

Boston To New York Tour And Tips – One Day Trip

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The Boston to new york tour can be done in just one day. To reach New York from Boston one will require 3 to 4 hours. One can go on a road trip or even take a train to New York from Boston. This trip is excellent for college students after a tiring weekend. On the Boston to new york tour, there are a lot of attractions and beautiful places to visit around. There are large green playgrounds, sky-high buildings, statues, bridges, etc. All these places can be visited if one follows a proper schedule and guide.

Major Finance Buildings

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The Boston to new york tour starts with Wall street followed by an exterior view of the trinity church, the New York Stock Exchange, and finally the Federal Reserve Bank. After that comes the George Washington Statue and Wall Street Bronze Bull. Then enter the World Trade Center Station and visit the Ground Zero and Reflecting Void. After this take an exterior view of the Freedom Tower. This will cover the whole world’s financial buildings.

Statues And Bridges

Next in the Boston to New York tour, are American Spirits. One should take the Cruise of Liberty to view The Statue of Liberty situated on an island. From there visit the Skyline of lower manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge. This will cover all the bridges to walk on. After that visit Alice Island, the Government Island, the USS Intrepid, and Cruise Terminal. This will cover the major places displaying the Americans.

Landmark Places

Now, in the Boston to New York tour, it is time to visit the landmark places. Start with Times Square, then visit the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and Broadway theatre. Now enter Hudson Square and visit the Vessel. Finally, visit the Empire State Building and take a lot of photographs.


A weekend trip is very helpful in relieving stress and tensions. At the same time, it helps in cheering up the spirits and gives the energy to embark on future projects. It also helps in knowing the history of the place in an interesting manner. If you would like to learn more about the Boston trips and if you need suggestions as to what you can watch and enjoy in the area, you might want to check this article.

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