Cheap New York Attractions You Never Knew

cheap new york attractions

New York city is a place that is on the bucket list of numerous people on this planet. It is the busiest city in the United States of America and probably in the whole world. This city is mostly riddled with tourists who are eager and very enthusiastic about exploring the city as much as possible. This article has compiled few locations in New York that can be considered as budget friendly attractions that can give you a wholesome experience of travelling the city.

Central Park: Cheap New York Attractions

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A lush green patch in the middle of Manhattan gives you a wholesome experience of walking around with a cup of coffee in your hand while you enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. The park provides you the option of performing multiple activities in almost four kilometres of the area. The popular attractions within the park involve strawberry fields, the Bethesda fountain, the carousel, ice skating rink and the famous Belvedere Castle which offers a nice view of the park.

Brooklyn Bridge: Cheap New York Attractions

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This bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs, A rustic looking magnificent bridge is a major tourist attraction. A two kilometres long bridge that was constructed in 1869 is the most important and the most photogenic spot of New York. The best time to visit the bridge is during sunrise or sunset that adds to the beauty of the bridge almost ten folds.

Times Square: Cheap New York Attractions

The first image that comes to mind when you hear the word Times Square are the flashy billboards. Located in the centre of New York City this place is the hot spot for the tourists worldwide. Although the place is riddled with expensive restaurants and shops, you can just walk around the square and absorb the glory of the place. If you visit the Times Square on New Year’s Eve make sure you grab the best spot to witness the annual ball drop.

Rockefeller Center: Cheap New York Attractions

If you are an ice skating enthusiast Rockefeller center is the place to be and if you visit around Christmas, they decorate it with beautiful lights and a humongous Christmas tree. This place is also famous for the artwork adorning almost every building in that area.

The Famous FRIENDS building: Cheap New York Attractions

FRIENDS was the most hit tv show of the 90s that lasted for a decade. The apartment building that has been shown repeatedly on the show stands tall in NYC and is a popular tourist attraction for people who love the show. Another show related major spot is the Central Perk cafe, it is the place where the main characters of the show used to hang around a lot. After a popular demand the set was recreated as an actual cafe and is open for the common crowd.

So these are the few budget friendly cheap NYC attractions for you to visit when you are in the city. Also, do not forget to have the famous New York Style Cheesecake.

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