Designed for the Ultimate Comfort of Your Legs with the Best Quality Foam and Natural Contours!

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Are you worried about constantly investing your time in work and too much stress causing pain to your legs? Worry no more! We have just the perfect solution for you. This product is designed for ultimate comfort and provides support when you are addressed. This inflatable leg support pillow relieves your pressure and keeps the knees healthy. While it is commonly used for postoperative rehabilitation, it also has other users like promoting blood circulation and providing comfort to your legs and on that note, it is wise to purchase the portable inflatable Leg pillow.

Portable Inflatable Leg Pillow

With a comfortable tilt angle and height, this pillow ensures it fits your natural curvature and raises the leg support in no time. Apart from providing A comfortable place for your legs, it also reduces the soreness and fatigue you might experience and improves blood circulation. Considering the material with which the product is built, you can be sure of the durability and the product is free from any Chemicals and harmful substances. The inflation only takes a couple of minutes and you can carry this product anywhere you would like to have it. The versatility of the product is one of the biggest plus points.

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  • Use Travel
  • Thread Count 300TC
  • Pattern Type Solid
  • Filling 100% Polyester
  • Material 100% Polyester
  • Fabric Count 40
  • Part Body
  • Grade quality
  • Shape Rectangle
  • Weight 0-0.5 kg
  • Feature Foot rest
  • Model Number Travel Footrest Pillow
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  • This would be a perfect product to rest your legs after a tiring day of work.
  • You can carry it whenever and wherever required.
  • The inflatable leg pillow is not only easy to use but also lightweight to handle.
  • The convenience of the product as to the list of features.
  • The stability of the product is a plus and its ability to bear sufficient weight only adds to the reasons to buy the product.
  • It would be perfect to use if you are traveling long hours.
  • You can also carry it to your office and keep your legs rested.
  • It would only take a couple minutes to work on the inflation.
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  • The shape of the product might not be comfortable for everyone, so make sure to check it before your purchase.
  • Also, the product is available only in solid colors and if you’re looking for patterns and customizations, this would not be right for you. 


As you can finalize, it is one of the best products and you can even send it as a gift to your friend, if the friend is going through pregnancy. Apart from the fact that it has all the beautiful features that encourages you to buy this product, it is also simple and convenient to use. Whenever you want to clean it, you can simply wipe it and ensure hygiene is maintained.

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