Major Attractions You Cannot Miss In New York City

A view of a city with large buildings in the background

New York is among the world’s most popular travel destinations. Millions each year flock to New York City for a weekend of fun, excitement and dining. There are a variety of New York City attractions to enjoy. Below, you will find information about some of the top ones.

The Statue Of Liberty 

A skyscraper in a city

This famous New York tourist attraction is the grandest spot on America’s East Coast. It attracts millions of visitors every year, both from foreign countries and American citizens. Its base is on the south tip of Manhattan Island, right in the harbor. Among its many famous landmark, the Statue of Liberty features three glass triangles that have been inscribed with the names of the US flag and New York.

– Central Park – Far from being just a place to stroll around, Central Park is home to a host of natural wildlife and New York’s first public park. Home to a host of gorgeous greenery, trees and plants, Central Park is also home to numerous world class attractions. Among the most prominent New York tourist attractions, this park has long been a favorite with those seeking romance and adventure.


An aerial view of a city

New York’s largest department store is located in New York’s Times Square. A stone’s throw from the busy streets of Manhattan Island, Macy’s is a haven for shoppers. Along with hundreds of department stores, Macy’s also features a number of independent shops selling unique merchandise. It is a shopper’s paradise. If you are looking to purchase something specific, be sure to stop by Macy’s on your way to New York City.

– Broadway – When the theatre scene was a young one in New York, it was a bustling time for all concerned. Thanks to the popularity of such artists as Henry Irving, the “American Theatre,” as it was called then, evolved into a world-class venue that could be seen around the clock. Today, Broadway is the most famous theater district in the world. It is a must-see spot for anyone visiting New York City. It will truly leave an everlasting impression.

– St. Patrick’s Cathedral – No tourist visiting New York City can ignore this historic Irish church. The exquisite structure is made of gray stones, unlike the rest of the other buildings in the New York City sightseeing district. While it is best known for its stained glass artwork and bell ringers, you can also admire the history of this church during its re-decorating process. Who knows, it might become part of the new York City sightseeing attractions.


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