Map Of Northeast New Jersey – All Travel Attractions To Know

map of northeast new jersey

Northeast New Jersey is the busiest part of New Jersey. Passic, Bergen, Essex, Hudson, and Union make the northeast part of New Jersey. This part of NJ is a colloquial one and not an administrative one. The northeastern side has a distinct cultural and geographical thoughts and practices than the central or southern part. This part is very important for New Jersey as it’s very close to New York, so it has a high economic output coming from different places here. Bergen is the most popular country and connects the Gorge Washington Bridge which is the world’s busiest motor vehicle bridge. Let’s try to think about the map of northeast New Jersey.

Bergen County

For being in the most northeastern part Bergen is a part of the New York metropolitan area. The Hudson River is across from it. The Bergen city also connects the George Washington Bridge. Bergen country is one of the wealthiest countries of the entire US. This place has a humid climate as it has a coastal part of it. For being extended with the bridge to Manhattan this place is globally evolved and has its own and very unique ambiance. People from different places live here with love and respect for each other. 

Italian Americans are very commonly identified here. They stay here with their first ancestry among the residents. Along with the Irish Americans and German Americans are also found here among the residents. 

Bergen City has a highly developed street connection. Not only the street but also the train lines. There are three different lines, Mainline, NJ Transit, and Bergen County Line. 

Roads and Highways

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As the northeastern part is the busiest there, the road network is also very close to each other. Highway 80 connects the northeast to the northwest part. Highway 78 connects to the western part. Highway 95 connects to the southwestern part and 295 connects to the southern part. Highway 287 connects to the northern part.

Without these there are several well maintained roads which connect different places.

Stream and Rivers

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The streams are one of the most convenient ways of transport here for small distances. Rafts, boats are also there. Some of these are very popular visiting places also. Cooper River, Saddle River, Shark Rivers are names of some of those. 

New Jersey has some great trout fishing opportunities in these lakes and streams. Early on it was just a spring thing. But now it’s not. In fall, winter they also offer trout fishing. If you ever come to the north eastern part of New Jersey you will be finding hundreds of companions for this trout fishing. 


The Northeast part of New Jersey is not a regular place. It’s beautiful, attractive, and very distinct from its culture. If you ever come here don’t miss some things. Turtleback zoo, six flags great adventure are two of those. Atlantic City is a must-visit place. Don’t forget about Ellis Island. If you want to be immersed in the history of the entire nation this should be the first place you should visit. And last but not the least the Princeton University’s art museum. They often conduct talks if you are lucky you will be a part of one of those.

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