Miami New York Flights – Guide For Travelers

miami new york flights

New York and Miami are among the major cities in the US. In fact, New York is the biggest city here, and the New York metropolitan area has the second busiest airport system in the world. A few years back, it was found out in a survey that The Miami New York air route was the 5th busiest air route in the US, so it is clear that this air route holds a lot of significance.

Air Route Details

New York

Miami metropolitan area has 3 major airports, the biggest one among these is Miami International Airport. On the other hand, the New York metropolitan area also has 3 major airports with John F Kennedy International Airport being the biggest and most popular. Some more details about this air route are mentioned below.

  • 9 airlines have direct flights between Miami and New York.
  • American Airlines is the most popular airline to travel on this air route.
  • The average number of flights per week between New York and Miami is 259.
  • The average flight time between these two cities is 2 hours and 53 minutes.
  • The cheapest flight on this route costs around $85.
  • August is the cheapest month to book a flight on this route.

Flight Details

New York

There are nearly 250+ flights that fly from Miami and New York. Let’s find out the best flights with the help of different data points. We’ll discuss details like which flights are the cheapest, which once complete the journey in the least amount of time, nonstop flights, etc.

On same-day booking, no flight on this route usually costs anything less than $250.

(Airline- JetBlue, departure time from Miami- 7 AM, nonstop).

 The highest price for a same-day booking is a little bit above $400.

(JetBlue, 5:39 PM, nonstop).

Flights in the evening usually cost higher.

Advanced booking costs less in comparison to same-day booking.

Some flights cost you less than $200 if you book a flight minimum of 2 days before departure. (Frontier, July 29 – 7:45 AM, nonstop).

Flights in the month of August cost as low as $85. 

(Spirit, August 24 – 6:35 AM, nonstop).

The minimum time taken by a flight on this route is 2 hours and 49 minutes.

(JetBlue, 10:05 AM, nonstop).

While the maxim time for a nonstop flight is 3 hours and 20 minutes.

(Delta, 3:25 PM, nonstop).

The maximum time taken by a flight on this route is 7 hours and 37 minutes by a flight that stops at Charlotte and Washington DC. (American Airlines, 7:45 PM, 2 stops).


With these two cities being among the major cities in the US, there’s no dearth of flights from Miami to New York. You can book a flight according to your own preference. It’s going to take you close to 3 hours to travel by flight from Miami to New York with the difference between the fastest and slowest nonstop flight being only 31 minutes.

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