New York Attractions List – Part 2

new york attractions list

New York attractions list consists of places and things to do by the dozens. From museums and art galleries to sightseeing tours and comedy clubs, there is something to delight each and every visitor. There are literally thousands of museums, parks, zoos, aquariums, restaurants, and nightlife options in New York. It’s a city known the world over for its culture, arts, and history. If you are visiting New York City this year, here’s a quick guide on what to do and see in New York.

Empire State Building

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One of the top most visited New York attractions is the Empire State Building. Built in 1931, the Empire State Building is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, second only to the Statue of Liberty. The site includes a replica of the Empire State Building, observation decks, and two floors dedicated to preserving New York’s rich history. On top of all the excitement, the Empire State Building hosts a number of parties and galas each year. Visit this marvelous establishment to soak up the atmosphere of New York City at its best.

Another top New York attractions list must include a look at the Statue of Liberty. Among the first things to remember about this spectacular landmark is that it is the only US national symbol with an American aspect. In fact, it was the gift of an Italian immigrant that initially funded the statue’s construction. Today, tourists can take in the amazing views of Ellis Island, view the statue itself, or take part in one of its many activities. The Statue of Liberty is truly a breathtaking sight.

Uncle Sam

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A third must-see New York attractions list is that of Uncle Sam. The man known as Uncle Sam is the appointed head of the United States Mint. While the man himself is a fascinating subject in and of itself, it is the role he plays that deserves a closer look. Every July, millions flock to Manhattan for the Fourth of July fireworks display. Along with fireworks are some incredible displays of firework pyrotechny that only New York City can provide.

The High Line Event

One of the best-known events of the summer is the High Line event, also known as the NYC carnival. Featuring hundreds of rides, shows, and competitions, the High Line recreation center at Times Square is one of the most popular attractions in the area. In addition to taking in the shows at the theater district, visitors can take in the various attractions lining the High Line including the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Natural History, and the U.S. Botanical Garden. While the festivities of the carnival itself can be fascinating, it is the events surrounding the carnival which offer the greatest amount of excitement. Each day throughout the month of July, the carnival will feature a new series of events featuring one or more of the aforementioned destinations.

Summing Up

One cannot talk enough about the entertainment options available to visitors in the Big Apple. With an assortment of live shows, concerts, theater events and comedy clubs, the Big Apple is one of the most well-known cities in the world. In addition to being home to the best performing theaters and musical theaters in the country, the city is also home to the most renowned contemporary arts centers in the world. There is definitely no shortage of things to do and places to see in New York City.

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