New York Helicopter Tours – What You Can Do and See on Your Next Vacation

new york helicopter tour

When it comes to a helicopter tour of New York you can find a number of companies that offer this kind of service. Helicopter tours provide an exhilarating way for tourists and visitors to experience what is often referred to as the Big Apple. The many sites and landmarks in New York City can make your trip worthwhile. This article will give you information on several of the sites and landmarks that you can visit during your helicopter tour of New York.

Statue of Liberty

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One of the most famous sites to be included on a New York helicopter tour is the Statue of Liberty itself. Although the statue is covered with glass when it is not in use, you can still view it from the helicopter and get a unique perspective from above. The statue is also surrounded by what looks like an artificial lake, and there are boats near the statue that offer a great view of the skyline of New York. Taxing time at the Statue of Liberty may also be included in your tour package, and you will not have to pay a per person heliport fee.

Places That Comprise The World’s Most Famous Tower

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One of the other sites included on most New York helicopter tours are all of the places that comprise the World’s Most Famous Tower. Just off of Manhattan Island, the World’s tallest building is a must see when visiting New York. When you fly over the steel building it is a breathtaking experience, and the Statue of Liberty can be viewed clearly from such a vantage point.

Of course, you cannot leave out the Big Apple’s other most famous landmark: the Statue of Liberty itself. It is truly a breathtaking sight, surrounded by the grandeur and beauty. When you take part in a New York helicopter tour you will be given the opportunity to stand on top of the Statue of Liberty and take in the magnificent view from above. You can also visit the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the best locations for great views across the harbor from the Statue of Liberty itself, and the Brooklyn Bridge tolls afford visitors a very nice sight as well.

Alternative Of Visiting The Brooklyn Bridge

For those who do not happen to live in New York City or are simply unwilling to pay the Statue of Liberty’s high prices, there is always the alternative of visiting the Brooklyn Bridge. It is certainly a breathtaking site, and it is a lot more affordable than one could pay for an expensive New York helicopter tour. However, it is essential that you have transportation available, or else you will have to wait quite some time for a good spot on the Brooklyn Bridge. It is also very important that you make sure that you have someone with you who does have transportation available. The tour includes ferries, a ferry back to Brooklyn, and the Brooklyn Bridge toll.

Of course, there is no way that a helicopter flight could ever include a visit to all of New York’s smaller sites and landmarks. That would be too costly. The tour only goes to Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. Manhattan and Brooklyn are two of the most populated cities in the country, and if you want to see the other boroughs, you will have to take a train. Still, this particular tour is extremely popular, considering that it offers so many opportunities for the camera to be zoomed in perfectly.

Last Words

If you happen to be a lover of art, this New York Helicopter tour is definitely for you. Each day, you will go on tour to different areas of the city, and each day will give you the chance to view different places and scenes from the artist’s original sketches. These are truly incredible pieces of art, and no matter where you visit, you are likely to be awestruck by their beauty. This tour, coupled with other attractions like Disney, will truly make your vacation in New York something special. A helicopter ride is definitely something you should not miss out on.

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