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New York City is home to some of the most famous sites in the United States. The Metropolitan area, which includes all of New York’s boroughs, is known for a variety of activities. There are also five boroughs covering what is known as New York’s Upper Northeast.

Shore Of The Hudson River

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New York City features five boroughs sitting on the shore of the Hudson River between Manhattan and the Atlantic Ocean. In its center is Manhattan, a highly populated borough that is among the world’s major financial, commercial and cultural centers. Its iconic sites include gargantuan skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and wide-spreading suburban neighborhoods like Brooklyn and Queens. Broadway musicals are staged in huge open spaces like Broadway.

The best way to explore New York City is to take a subway ride. You will get excellent views of the city, and can avoid the crush of humanity by getting off at random stations. Buses go all over the city, and there are also private buses operating within the boroughs. Taxis also play the streets, but they are more expensive than buses and subway rides.

Six Major Geographical Areas

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New York City is divided into six major geographical areas, each of which contains hundreds of neighborhoods. Some of these are Manhattan’s Upper East Side, which is an Upper East Side epitome of fashionable, upscale living with brownstones and cobblestone sidewalks. Another section is the Lower East Side, which has cobblestone sidewalks and fashionable brownstones. The middle area is mostly residential, and includes the neighborhoods of Ridgeway, Jay Street, and Prospect Street.

The Lower North East Side, also known as the ‘Rye’s End’ is another desirable neighborhood, filled with art galleries and hip boutiques. Then there is Central Park, the heart of New York’s Upper Class. It is also home to a plethora of celebrities, as well as a number of different museums. Central Park is a great place to take young children.

The Southwestern part of Bronx’ is filled with crime, and is known for its reputation as a ‘no-cook’ neighborhood. However, it has also been named the most diverse neighborhood in America, due to the large number of languages spoken in the neighborhood. The neighborhoods of South Bronx, East Bronx and West Bronx are known for their historic significance, as well as for hip hop music.

Central Harlem

For those who are interested in shopping, the fashion district of New York is Central Harlem. This is also where hip hop is made, and many stars of rap and hip-hop have their homes here. The garment district of Flatbush is another area that is popular among tourists, as is the clothing district of Flushing, Queens. Other cultural hotspots include the Bronx Zoo and the Brooklyn Museum.

The Northeastern New York region is also a hot spot for international travel. Many first time visitors to the area seek out inexpensive accommodations that are right in the heart of the city. The New York City all inclusive resorts are a hot spot for these visitors, and there are numerous all inclusive options in New York City. All inclusive luxury resorts like the Sheraton New York Hotel and the Ritz Carlton New York are located in the Northeastern New York area, and offer luxurious accommodations, access to spa facilities and entertainment.


New York City is a melting pot of culture and ethnicity. Diversity is present in every aspect of life. This is shown not only by the variety of restaurants and clubs one can visit, but also the arts, movies and music available. The cultural diversity of New York City makes it a wonderful place to visit, live and work.

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