New York State Travel Ban – Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

new york state travel ban

After a couple of weeks the New York State Travel Ban was implemented. Anyone who had a valid driver’s license from one of the fifty States was allowed to enter the state without the need of a visa. In addition, anyone with unverifiable symptoms of active infectious diseases like syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV could be quarantined at the same time. The quarantine period last week ended and now we are just beginning to get a feel of what the ramifications might be.

An Overview

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While the medical community has been somewhat quiet about the new York state travel ban, the health care providers in the area have not been so lucky. Many have already seen a dip in business as patients wait for treatment. Those that are still open have seen a drop in traffic and volumes as some people choose to commute to their jobs. The main problem is that all travelers must continue to follow all of the new York State Health Department guidelines on travel after the quarantine period is over.

The first added precaution is for those who fly into New York City to add the extra stopover time to their journeys. Travellers landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport no longer need to have a one night stop over requirement under the airline’s new domestic travel restrictions. However the one night standard deviation is still in effect. In addition, all passengers arriving by international flights will be required to remain in their vehicles until the entire thirty-day quarantine period is completed.

New York State Travel Ban

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Another set of added precautions is for those who drive to New York. Any car arriving in or out of the city is required to have a signed, written declaration from the driver that they are aware of the new York State travel restrictions. This declaration can also be faxed to the Secretary of State if driving is not possible. New York State residents who will be driving to New York should ask their local DMV office if the new regulations regarding drivers coming into the city to have effect immediately. Some may be affected immediately, while others might only be implemented at the end of the fiscal year which usually happens around six weeks following the actual regulation. As with the other measures affecting travellers the implementation of these new York State travel restrictions is still being debated.

Those who will be travelling between the United States and Canada will be required to remove any social Distancing Devices prior to the departure. These devices can include anything from hearing aids to noise limit devices. The new York state travel ban list stipulates that any social distancing device that could reduce listening or seeing impaired individuals should be removed or put in storage until the ban comes into effect. Those who fail to comply can face fines or penalties.

The first restriction which affects travellers from the United States and Canada is a ban on the importation of cum meat from Canada. Cuomo is a dairy product derived from sheep in Canada. The producers of this product in Canada must implement sanitary measures to control the transfer of the product before it is allowed into the country. In the United States the main concern is that the product may have been exposed to some form of illegal activity. This concern is similar to that which was raised over listeria, which was recently imported meat found in cheese. There have been no identified instances of injury from consuming listeria.

Bottom Line

Those who plan to visit New York City during the July through September months are required to obtain a B&E license and show proof of immunization. Those who enter the city for less than a month are required to obtain a B&E license and show proof of immunization. These portions of the new York state travel ban have already been enforced in many areas across the United States.

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