New York Top 10 Travel Destinations

New York Top 10 Travel Destinations

The big apple is a misnomer. It should be an apple tree with many apples. New York top 10 travel destinations are only a pitiable few. The full list would require a lot of pages to compile.

In my travels, I place New-York at the top. It’s a charismatic, bustling, colorful megapolis second to none. It has a personality of its own, its residents too, though they carry the tag as being rude. So let us take a ride to some of the splendors this city has to offer.

New York Top 10 Travel Destinations
New York Top 10 Travel Destinations

Most Popular Of New York Top 10 Travel Destinations

The Statue of Liberty

What else. Be warned; this outing will take you a full day, what with serpentine queues and the waiting. Choose a good day, not a blistering or a blustering day. The wait is worth it but do we have to get miserable too. It is of copper, a gift from France and put into commission 1886. The figure is that of the Roman Goddess of liberty, Libertas.

The Empire State Building

Located in downtown Manhattan at the center, the Empire State Building, with its 360-degree view is a never-to-miss sight of New York’s top 10 travel destinations. Famous too for the movie KingKong, the observatory on the 102nd floor opens unseen vistas. It vies for the top slot in New York Top 10 Travel Destinations.

The Brooklyn Bridge

An official landmark, it offers gorgeous views of the city’s skyline. Take an early evening walk across, and you can enjoy DUMBO in Brooklyn, the heart of the thriving performance and gallery scene. You get some of the best pizza her that New York has to offer.

Rockefeller Center

Another uplifting staging point for fascinating views of the citý’s skyline. Go in the late afternoon and you can end up with a great sunset view.

9/11 Memorial And Museum

Built over the former Twin Towers’ previous location, site of the infamous, cowardly attack on civilians and on America, it is an emotional evocation of personal stories, artifacts and much of what transpired on that fateful day.

More Top Destinations

Times Square

Always buzzing both with people and life, it comes alive at night. The LED screens light up the whole area as if it was broad daylight. The provision of a thoughtfully provided pedestrian zone is for people to sit down and take it all in. But beware of the pickpockets.

Wall Street

The charging bull, so iconic of Wall Street, the financial heart of the World. Guide tours of this commercial district are available.

Central Park

As New York’s largest park, it is the lungs of the city. Sprawling over a vast area, city planners had the foresight of the necessity of such an oasis in this large city. Jogging tracks, amenities for rowing, feeding ducks, or just lazing on the grass can destress anybody.

Staten Island Ferry

This ferry ride takes you around southern Manhattan and offers stunning offshore views of the skyscraper-studded skyline. The ferry takes you close to the foot of the Statue of Liberty giving a better look and photo ops from close.

One World Trade Center

Another spot for spectacular views of Manhattan, at 561 meters, do not give it a miss as it is a huge draw as New York top 10 travel destinations.

New York Top 10 Travel Destinations
New York Top 10 Travel Destinations

In Conclusion

This listing is by no means in order of choice. Secondly, New York offers so much more than just these few spots I have picked. It is a recommendation that to take all of New York in, keep aside a stay of one month.

Welcome to the city that never sleeps.

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