New York Tourist Attractions For Your Vacation

new york tourist attractions

Its iconic tourist sites include skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and wide-spreading Central Park. Broadway plays a major role in its tourism industry with many popular theaters located here. Its other famous attractions include the Statue of Liberty, the Louvre, the Wall Street statue and the Radio Tower.

New York City tourist attractions are grouped into five zones, which are: Central Park, Fort Jay, Chinatown, Queens and The Bronx. Central Park is among the best tourist attractions in the city for many reasons. It is known for the elegant statues and architecture around the park which includes an English Cathedral and a Chinese temple. The monuments and buildings are a part of the history and culture of the former United States. Among the other places in the park that offer a glimpse into history include Yankee Stadium, Fort Jay, Broadway Garage and The Bronx Zoo. The Chinese and English language museums located near the Bronx Zoo provide a great insight into life in the former American colonies.

The Number Of Things To Do

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One of the best things about New York City tourist attractions is the number of things to do. There are virtually countless activities a tourist can enjoy in this cosmopolitan city. Some popular activities include horse riding across the East River, a visit to the Air and Space Museum, the New York Botanical Garden and Circle Line Sightseeing. Staten Island is also a popular place to visit with many interesting sites such as Pirates Week, which is the most popular tourist attraction in the Staten Island region.

Other great New York tourist attractions are located in the far reaches of the metropolitan area. One of the most popular attractions in Manhattan is Central Park, which is a great place to spend a day or a night. There are a number of theater companies as well as museums located in the vicinity of the park. It is possible for visitors to take in a show or enjoy a musical at one of the theaters in the area.

Fort Wadsworth

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Another popular park in Manhattan is Fort Wadsworth located near Wall Street. The park is also close to Rockefeller Plaza and the World’s Most Famous skyline. The view from the observation deck of the Statue of Liberty is stunning and it provides a view of Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Chinatown.

One of the most popular New York tourist attractions is the Statue of Liberty itself. Located in New York Harbor, the statue is near Ellis Island. There are many hotels in the area that offer special tours and packages specifically designed to allow visitors to visit the Statue of Liberty. The statue can be reached by ferry from Ellis Island during the winter months. The ferry is not only a wonderful sightseeing experience but it gives an amazing opportunity to see the Statue of liberty while taking in the beautiful New York Harbor views.

The Cloisters In Westchester

The Cloisters in Westchester is another top choice among visitors to New York City. The Cloisters was created by the US curse of Verona as a place where people could say their final goodbyes to their departed loved ones.

The Cloisters has been closed to the public since the mid nineteen seventies but a small group of people each day still access the cloisters to pay their last respects. The museum inside the cloisters is also a fascinating way to see the history and culture of Westchester County.


If you would like to travel to a part of New York that offers even greater opportunities for enjoyment than the above mentioned locations, there are many other New York tourist attractions to choose from. If you are interested in taking in all of the natural beauty that is located in upstate New York then the Adirondack chair state park is a must see. This park is also home to many species of wildlife that are protected. If you love your outdoor activities then a camping trip to Camp Riverwoods on Lake Michigan is a great way to spend the night and enjoy the outdoors as well. A trip to Catskill is another great choice especially if you love to hunt.

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