New York Travel Cost: Sum It Up Before You Go

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Airfare is a significant component of New York travel cost. But it can fluctuate widely. New York is notoriously expensive. Every year it ranks first on Kiplinger’s list of the most expensive places to live. The unavoidable factor of any holiday is travel costs. You need to minimize it as it is integral. These costs include airfare, local travel, the subway, the occasional cab, etc. You cant be walking around all the time. Then there are food, accommodation and entrance fees for museums, galleries, etc. With careful and prudent planning, costs can be snipped down to half. Here is how.

New York Travel Cost: Sum It Up Before You Go
New York Travel Cost: Sum It Up Before You Go

How To Minimize New York Travel Cost


  • Start planning well in advance of your intended date of departure.
  • Mid-January to the end of February is the most economical time to visit New York. But remember, weatherwise, it is not ideal. Strike a balance here first.
  • Speak to your travel agent or investigate online, deals, and offers from different carriers.
  • Choose the airport, JFK or Newark. There is a price differential.


  • Sharing a bathroom brings accommodation costs down appreciably, $140 as compared to $220
  • You can rent a room in an owner’s residence for $120 or you can rent a furnished apartment for $200. Hence, for large families on vacation, a private apartment is an excellent idea. Moreover, you can cook your own meals, another saving.
  •,, and have great deals worth checking out
  • Consider hostels. That is if you don’t mind bunking with a total stranger.

Getting Around New York

  • Take public transport as a rule. A 7-day unlimited metro card comes for just $30. You can install the New York Subway Map app for iPhones or the NYC Bus and Subway Maps app for Android.

Deals For Dining Out In New York

  • Discounted gift certificates from various sites such as
  • Groupon and other daily deal sites for discounted meals at restaurants.
  • Check out cheap eats. There are plenty of places in New York where you can score good food at bargain prices. ‘Guide to the best cheap eats’ is covered by Time Out New York.

Have The Time Of Your Life In New York

  • Zero in on free attractions. Start with Central Park. You can spend hours just strolling. Or take a guided tour, for free of course.
  • Walk across Brooklyn Bridge, visit Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and so on.
  • There are plenty of museums that are for the most part free or accept contributions. The American Museum of Natural History is one such museum that comes to immediate recall.
  • Take a free guided walking tour of the city organized by groups such as Big Apple Greeter.
  • Buy passes for multiple attractions. For example, The New York Pass offers admission to over 80 attractions based on 1, 2, 3 or 7-day passes. Therefore, on the average, if you visited three attractions every day, with a 7-day pass, you save $400.
  • See Broadway shows at a discount on Broadway week, when you get 2 for one ticket.
New York Travel Cost: Sum It Up Before You Go
New York Travel Cost: Sum It Up Before You Go

New York Travel Cost Closing Time

These tips mentioned above will guarantee to save quite a lot. An earnest thank you to those folks who have put it all out there. You should do the same and do some serious research before heading out to New York.

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