New York Travel Essentials: Know Before You Go!

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New York travel essentials are part of what you cart with you on a trip to New York. It is dependant on which month you’d be making your trip. This list is a comprehensive lowdown on what you cant leave behind.

New York Travel Essentials: Know Before You Go!
New York Travel Essentials: Know Before You Go!

New York Travel Essentials- Get Picky

  1. A classy dress- New York travel essentials number one. There will be one or two occasions to dress up and show off, maybe for this exclusive dinner. Jeans and a top won’t cut the ice everywhere.
  2. A hip day bag- Leave that scarred and mutilated backpack. Invest in something chic. You will blend into the vibe of New York, and it will make you feel good.
  3. Packing cubes- An indispensable item. Takes away the irritation of having to search for your things, gets you organized and clothing, etc stays fresh and laundered.
  4. Toiletry bag- It better be on the roomier side. Buy sufficient swipes also and everyday items from your neighborhood store. He will give you a discount, and it will cost less than in New York.
  5. Peper spray- New York is notorious for petty crime, snatching, etc. Keep this handy to avert important losing papers along with your bag.
  6. Compact charger- These come in very handy to pump up the juice for your phone, etc. It comes with a USB connector and hence is indispensable.
  7. Raincoat- A stylish mac is a must for weather typical of New York. Also, yew York travel essentials is a compilation of things that cannot be ou don’t need that bath on the streets.
  8. A VPN- Everyone gives you free wifi in New York. And along with that, free nosing in. These wifi zones are rife with sneaky hackers trying to fish out your sensitive information. Therefore, a Virtual Private Network is the only way to thwart his plans.
  9. A handy tote- You don’t need to lug your day bag everywhere. If you need to go next door for a coffee, this should suffice to take your essentials along.
  10. Comfortable flats- Sneakers are passe in New York. They are both fashionable and comfortable to walk around in.
  11. Pea coat- A fashion statement while keeping you warm on those chilly evenings. Opt for a well-cut product than one off the shelf.
  12. Filtered water bottle- New York water is fabled as the cleanest. Even so, a little extra protection won’t hurt.
  13. Solid shampoo- Its an excellent product for travel. Especially where airport security is involved. Liquid for them is napalm.
  14. Travel Insurance- To begin with, a must, a must.
  15. Telephone card- Use an international card like Matrix. Ordinarily, reputed service providers offer good deals. I use Vodafone International Service. It’s cheap and good.
  16. Your Kindle- There are plenty of free libraries in New York, that is if you have the time to read. If it is a compulsive thing for you, then Kindle is the answer.
  17. Medications- If you are on any, buy stock to last your entire stay. Also, carry your Doctor’s prescription.
New York Travel Essentials: Know Before You Go!
New York Travel Essentials: Know Before You Go!

To Conclude With A Run Through

Hairbrush, comb, razor, matching razor blades, sunglasses, specs and a spare, toothbrush, toothpaste, Sunblock, lip balm, nail clippers, flash drive, sewing kit, moisturizer, first-aid kit.

There, it can’t get more comprehensive than this. Hence, with these tucked in, you need not go scurrying around local marts in New York but are now self-sufficient to tackle Mount Everest even. Go, Enjoy New York.

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