New York Travel Itinerary Of 5 Days

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A city as vast and sight studded as New York calls for some planning, for example for a New York Travel Itinerary, in terms of your available time and budget. The best way is to use hop-on-hop-off buses by purchasing 5-day tickets, which cost about $55.

The Perfect New York Travel Itinerary Plan

  1. List attractions, sights, museums, places you plan to take in.
  2. Grade the items as ‘must-do’ and ‘’nice to do.’
  3. Note down hours of operation as to open and close timings.
  4. Download a copy of the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus route map and mark your destinations.
  5. The plan is to complete items on your list by neighborhood. That way, you optimize your time so you can cover the most.
  6. Make a clear plan by the hour like on say an Excel spreadsheet. Day 1, Day 2, etc. columns, hours on the rows. That way you can pencil in your visit plan.
  7. Factor in lunchtimes
New York Travel Itinerary Of 5 Days
New York Travel Itinerary Of 5 Days

A 5-Day New York Travel Itinerary

Let’s plan a 5-day itinerary, using Hop-On-Hop-Off buses and instead of paying gate fees individually, using a five day New York Pass. Your costs come down by half.

Day 1 –

  1. Empire State Building Observatory
  2. Madame Tussauds

Day 2 –

  1. 9/11 Memorial and Museum
  2. Circle Line sightseeing cruise
  3. Museum of Modern Art
  4. Food on Foot Tour

Day 3 –

  1. Statue of Liberty Ferry, Ellis Island Immigration Museum
  2. The City Ride
  3. Central Park Bike Tours.

Day 4 –

  1. Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum
  2. Top of The Rock Observation Tower
  3. Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET)

Day 5 –

  1. American Museum of Natural History
  2. Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour
  3. Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

These itineraries are mere samples. You may fancy museums more, or walking around neighborhoods, Harlem, Brooklyn, etc and soak it in as it comes. Get a feel for the city, its residents, and its essential spirit. If you fancy celebrity sightings, Madame Tussauds is a guaranteed venue.

Guided Tours Of New York

Guided bus tour services are very popular. It kicks off with a tour of the principal landmarks, followed by a scheduled conducted and destinations specific tours. Popular guided tours are also the Walking Tours which show off the trendier sections of Brooklyn.

Cruises And Waterfront Activities

Get into the water and view New York from a new perspective. Here too, conducted tours are operated designed to show you the best views of the skyline.


New York is host to a mind-boggling range of museums; the MET, Guggenheim, American Museum of Natural history, Whitney Museum of American Art, the Frick collection, and so, so many more. To whet your appetite would require quite some time.

New York Travel Itinerary Of 5 Days
New York Travel Itinerary Of 5 Days

Time To Wind It Up

You can never get enough of this unique city or for that matter see it all. Some tourists find New Yorkers brash, as being sometimes abrupt, even rude down right. I missed that one. Also on my list, I would advise a trip to Macy’s, a super departmental store like none I have ever come across and that magical book store Barnes and Noble.

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