New York Travel Photography- A New Angle -

New York Travel Photography- A New Angle

New York Travel Photography- A New Angle

New York travel photography is a much-explored avenue. Among cities, some make them photogenic-the architecture, a sense of history, a blend of new and old.

New York Travel Photography- A New Angle
New York Travel Photography- A New Angle

The Genre Of New York Travel Photography

The Typical New York Travel Photography

Tourist shots as they are most of what we see. These are the typical New York skyline, The Statue, those grand, tall buildings. And one of a kind. Nothing wrong in taking those, they do provide memories. Remember more than bright light; the best exposures are in bad weather, a light rain, morning mist, a snowfall.

The Unusual, The Weird

For a new angle, walk around, better still get lost and take whatever is on offer. You will be surprised at the uniqueness and the exclusive captures you end up with.

Street Photography

The scenery is exciting up to a point beyond which it becomes passe. The essence of New York is its people. Candid captures of New Yorkers; that tired driver threading his home early in the morning after a night shift, a jew on his way to the synagogue, street sellers, performers, artists, the list goes on. As the legend goes, Greats like Henri-Cartier Bresson, Winogrand used to station themselves on 5th Avenue and snap people passing by. Photographing people without their permission may sound a bit creepy, but it’s alright if the intentions are. If someone objects, turn on the charm and tell them you are attempting capturing the spirit of the city and they looked great. It works otherwise offer to delete it, simple. But honestly, in New York everybody is so busy, they would hardly notice.

New York Travel Photography-Wait For Something

Place yourself amid the commotion, say a busy street corner. Focus. The difference is the subjects are coming into your space instead of the opposite. Broadway is an excellent choice. You capture the dynamic energy with these captures, and this is a favorite technique also among photographers. Don’t keep your camera against your eye and this makes people think they need to get out of the way as you are snapping something they are obstructing.

Cityscape Photography

In a city like New York with stunning buildings and I am not referring to the skyscrapers. Sometimes you pass an exciting cityscape, you take a series of shots and move on. Stop. Stop and consider that little extra effort to compose. A few deft adjustments and you will have a complex scene crafted into a cityscape.

Capturing Fast-Moving Scenes And Setting Up Your Camera

I hope you are a professional photographer or at least an expert hobbyist. For those less skilled, take advice from a fellow photographer on all those numerous settings. It is crucial for truly worth the while shots

New York Travel Photography- A New Angle
New York Travel Photography- A New Angle

Wash The Photographs

Everyone is familiar with that photograph on VJ (Victory over Japan) day of World War 2. A navy sailor grabbing and kissing a girl somewhere in New York, a candid capturing in every sense the mood of the moment. Good city photography is evocative and lives forever.

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