New York Travel Weather: Best Time To Go

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New York travel weather is pretty straightforward. But it can be a real bummer. Being entirely up North and on the seaboard, blizzards from up can sweep down. Though not on the hurricane map, the last time I was there, Hurricane Sandy spoiled many travel plans.

New York Travel Weather: Best Time To Go
New York Travel Weather: Best Time To Go

New York Travel Seasons

The best times to visit New York would be from April to June and September to early November. The New York travel weather is, taking everything into consideration, warm and pleasant. The crowds are, thankfully, a lot less diminished. All said and done, September is the best time to visit New York.

June-August, November to December is the high season. Most locals leave the city and tourists; mostly Europeans start thronging the city. Thanksgiving and New Years are big on festivities, a big draw for tourists and the whole town is pretty packed. Hence airfares and hotels are at their highest demand and expensive. Book early.

The Shoulder season, march-May and September to October, New York begins to shift moods. These times are a huge draw. Fall and spring are weather wise perfect for walking about visiting open-air markets. Central Park is at its spectacular best. Airfares remain high, and accommodation availability somewhat low.

The Low season is January to early March. New York is hibernating. Tourists give the cold months a skip because of the apparent low temperatures. This quiet period is best to visit as fares and accommodation are lowest, different show fees also give out hefty discounts.

New York Travel Weather- Monthly Run-up

January – This is the coldest month with a temperature averaging 3 degrees. Its snow time, the snow gets slushy on sidewalks and corners. Don your warm clothes and waterproof boots.

February – The cold still lingers on, average temperature creeps to 4.1 degrees. Snow still prevalent, and days are still short.

March – March is a mixed bag. Still a little cold but the warmness tries pushing in. The chill still predominates. The average temperatures climb to 9 degrees.

April – Snow is a rarity. Temperatures range from 7-18 degrees. Rain comes in regularly. Flowers spring to boom. Spring has arrived

May – A splendid month. Temperatures at 10-26 degrees. Warm but not hot. An excellent time for visiting parks with trees leafing and the flowering season on.

Summer Is Here!

June – It’s getting warmer now. Days are longer, and shorts and sandals are in. Occasionally rain, but great outdoorsy weather. Average temperature stands at 25 degrees

July – With temperatures in the range 25-35 degrees, it is hot and humid. The hottest month in New Tork as weather goes. The tall building and trees afford shade enough to make walking about bearable. Streets are less crowded as many have headed for the coast.

August – Heat and humidity team-up. It’s phenomenally sticky. Avoid the subway as it can be a full 4 degrees higher in there. Short-lived late evening thunderstorms are the norm with the buildup of moisture.

September – The month of transition. Crispy autumn has arrived. Towards the month-end, the air gets a lot cooler. People are outdoors again; walking is excellent.

October – Mild chilly air combined with the autumn crispiness. Temperatures are heading south at 10-20 degrees average. The fall is here. A light jacket may be needed. Many consider this to be the best month to visit New York.

New York Travel Weather: Best Time To Go
New York Travel Weather: Best Time To Go

Winter Is Here

November – Days are getting shorter, and the chill sets in. Rain is plentiful too. A jacket is a must, teamed with a hat and gloves. The first of the snow flurries are here but no accumulation as yet. The average temperature is down to 12 degrees.

December – Winter arrives with snow, cold temperatures and ecstatic holiday crowds. Wind can be biting cold. Days are short with sunset at 4.30 PM.

Draw The Curtains

So there you are with this ‘everything a tourist needs to know about New York Travel Weather.’ One thing more from my experience- when it is blowing, some streets in Manhattan flanked by tall bildings act like a tunnel and nearly can sweep you off your feet.

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