NYC Travel Checklist For Men And Women

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 There live more than 8 million people in New York City. There are many places to visit in New York, and more than 50 million tourists visit there every year. The main highlighters of NYC are Times Square, Empire State Building, and many much to offer for tourists. If you are visiting NYC, then you must know what to pack according to the travel checklist. New York Checklist varies if you are a male or a female and also according to the climate that is summer, winter, or fall. NEW YORK CITY’S climate New York city temperature varies from being super-hot in summer to below freezing in the winter season. The average temperature in summer is around 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the winter season, the average temperature is as low as 27 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy days are spread out and do not have a final season. Besides rain, you can see a lot of smoke in the winter season. 

NYC Travel Checklist For Men And Women
NYC Travel Checklist For Men And Women

New York Travel Checklist

Things To Pack For New York Tour 

Depending on how you choose to travel, you can use a backpack or a hard-sided suitcase. It depends on what makes you comfortable. The advantage of a briefcase is you have a tremendous capacity to pack more items. 

Clothes For Men

  • T-shirts. 
  • Long sleeve shirts. 
  • Pants, jeans, trousers, etc. 
  • 1 sweater if required. 
  • Swimsuits (it is optional). 
  • Undergarments. 
  • Thermal wear. 
  • Gloves, hats, sunglasses. 
  • Shoes and socks. 

During the winter season, the temperature gets very low, but you should embrace the cold since there are so many events only for winter seasons such as Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Ice skating in Rockefeller and New Year Times Ball Drop. Summers are quite hot and humid. Pack short-sleeved shirts and winter wear if it gets cold in the night time. These are all suggestions, and you can adjust your luggage according to the number of days you are visiting. 

Clothes For Women

  • 1- T- shirt  
  • 2- Pants 
  • Party dresses 
  • Undergarments  
  • Pajamas  
  • Sunglasses, scarf, hat, etc. 
  • Shoes and socks 
  • One small purse. 

Things You Should Not Forget: 

Here is a list of all the important things that you must carry and do not lose- 

  • Passport with an appropriate visa. For Americans, carry a government-issued photo ID. 
  • Tickets 
  • Cash- Very important  
  • Luggage Lock 

If you want, you can also carry sunglasses, travel pillow if you want. 

NYC Travel Checklist For Men And Women
NYC Travel Checklist For Men And Women

Packing Tips Or Travel Checklist For New York

Packing should not be complicated, take only things you want. You can roll your clothes to pack more clothes in a small place, but you may notice some winking in shirts.  

Save some space in luggage which will come handy when you will purchase things from New York City.  

You can also wash your clothes to avoid packing more outfits. 

You must not pack important stuff in your checking bag just in case your luggage gets misplaced by the airline. 

Instead of carrying books, you can use e-books as they will reduce the luggage and you don’t have to take them. Just open your mobile or laptop and read any book you want. 

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