Seinfeld New York Tour Locations To Master Your NYC Game

seinfeld new york tour

Seinfeld New York Tour Locations To Master Your NYC Game

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Seinfield has been able to attract a lot of audience interest globally and is still successful in doing so even 25 years after it has been launched. Another significant fact related to Seinfield is that the fans also started forming interest regarding the series’s locations and are extremely keen to visit these spots at least once if they pay a visit to New York. But finding these spots can be tricky and difficult for a novice traveler in New York City. Hence, to make the work of navigating through these spots easier when one visits New York City, we explore the details of these spots through this article.

The Various Spots Of Interest While On Seinfeld New York Tour

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Although the old Yankee stadium is non-existent now, one can easily take a tour to the place, visit the awesome museum dedicated to the Bronx Bombers, have delicious food, and witness basketball matches.

Although the show aired showed that Kramer visits the Papaya King to get a hot dog, but the place was not Papaya King. The original name of the place is Gray’s Papaya, and it is situated at 2090 Broadway at 72nd Street. One can easily indulge themselves in the delicious hotdogs sold here and immerse themselves in the nostalgia of the Seinfield that they have so keenly watched.

One of the most popular dialogues that would stay forever in all Seinfield fan’s hearts is “no soup for you.” What can be better than visiting the place which is the breeding ground for this dialogue for die-hearted Seinfeld fans? To fulfill this wish, one can easily pay a visit to Al’s soup kitchen, which is located at 55 the street. Not only can one visit the place, but one can also enjoy delicious soups, which are still now prepared in small batches with great care, and the menu is changed daily.

This place was popular among tourists for a long time, even before the series was aired. But Seinfield attracted many more tourists to the location, making it one of the most popular and most visited tourist destinations in New York City.

The most convenient option of visiting New York City, which is used by the majority of the tourists, is through flights. Suppose one has decided upon availing a flight to visit New York City. In that case, one can easily opt for Laguardia airport as their departure point due to the nostalgia of many episodes of Seinfield that featured the LaGuardia Airport. The cherry on the cake is, it is closer to New York City and easily accessible.

Luna Park has a wide range of amusements, including various arcade games, Thunderbolt, and the famous Coney Island Cyclone, which people of all age groups would enjoy whether they are Seinfield fans or not. Thus, one should surely visit this place to enjoy a fun time with family and close ones.


Thus we have discussed some of the major Seinfeld New York tour locations that one can visit while on tour at New York City and enjoy a gala experience of a lifetime.

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