Some Best New York Travel Packages

New York Travel Packages

New York is one of the most visited destinations in America. It has always been the foremost preference for tourists. The reason is quite simple; the city offers a lot from the latest fashion trend, fantastic nightlife, some best traditional cuisines to tremendous natural and downtown lives. Every year thousands of tourists travel to New York. No matter if you prefer some luxurious or top-notch travel packages or want to spend the minimum and explore more, New York has everything for a variety of tourists.

Here below are some of the best expensive to affordable travel packages with all the facilities which a traveler lookout in its visit:

6 Nights Package

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Grab the 6 Nights’ accommodation in a 3-star luxurious Hotel in New York. It will include the Airport pickup and drop as well. Hotels of Los Angeles and San Francisco will provide the Breakfast and dinner meal. However, you can have your lunch or snack meals on your own. You can experience the sharing basis tour of San Francisco and Las Vegas. Additionally, the hotel will provide you with some fantastic themes like van tours of famous places, adventurous activities, and family tours. You can enjoy all these benefits and explore New York City for USD 1360 to USD 1350 for six days full of fun.

9 Nights Package

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If you want to spend some more quality time while exploring New York with family, then this nine nights package could be the best option for you. Your stay plan will include two nights in New York and Niagara Falls, two nights in Washington Dc, and four nights in Orlando. You can enjoy a pleasurable stay at 4-star hotels with facilities like Breakfast and dinner meals, transportation facility along with the Sightseeing service from the hotel. Moreover, you will also get the chance to explore art and culture, enjoy shopping, discover some famous locations with your friends during the stay of 9 days. The most exciting part is that you will get a free ticket to the statue of Liberty, Smithsonian Air, and one world observatory. Enjoy these wonderful nine nights under the price range of USD 230 to USD 2450.

15 Nights Package

Planning for a long vacation with your family and want to take a break from office work. This 15 nights’ package is what you should choose. With access to a 5-star hotel, you can enjoy the service like Airport pick up and drop, along with the two delicious meals in the day and a lot of sightseeing exploration. The hotel will provide you a detailed New York city tour, including Washington city, Niagara Falls, Walt Disney Magic Kingdom, and explore the Sea world. You can also enjoy shopping with your family, some kids, unique places and waterfalls as well. All these beautiful services for 15 days cost from USD 290 to USD 300.


You must have got the idea for the best New York travel package and what to choose for yourself. So, take a break from your daily schedule and offer your family with something new, exciting, and an exploring experience. Choose your travel package wisely and fly to your dream city New York.

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