Stylish Men Shirt: See The Guide On How To Buy A Trendy Shirt

stylish men shirt

Are you in a stylish men shirt? Do you want to look trendy when you wear a shirt of your comfort? Well, to tick mark and searching for solutions to all your problems of finding the best men short, this guide is for you.

As everyone knows, shirts crown as one of the essential belongings for men. It is the most dominating wearing in the closet of men and, for that matter, women.

Shirts are the vital piece of anyone’s suiting, and when there is a special occasion, everyone becomes so conscious of going with the best. People want to go with a perfect, comfortable fabric, right fit, and so much more.

There are some people who do not the details of the right fit. Also, there are other factors that you must know before you buy a stylish men shirt.

You do not have to hurt your pocket when you want to buy a trendy shirt. To see this guide to feel confident in the morning while buttoning up your fantastic shirt.

A Look At Essential Things Before Buying Stylish Men Shirt

1. Right Fit

Right Fit in stylish men shirt
Right Fit

A person should know his or her measurements and should buy the cloth as per their body type. Such a parameter will help you a lot while you shop. Also, the right fit is the fundamental rule in the styling of men.

Several men buy shirts in the size of S, M, or L; however, it is not surprising that these sizes sometimes not suit them well. The body types of men come in various sizes & shapes. But do not afraid or shy to go beyond a standard size. Consider every measurement of your body, including arm length, chest, shoulders, neck size, and waist size. All in all, the right fit looks appealing to the eyes.

2. More Factors To Consider In Fit – Stylish Men Shirt

A person should also take care of other parameters of the fit. For example, to look stylish, you can unbutton your cuffs. Also, ensure that your sleeves are not too long.

There Are Different Types Of Fits:

  • Normal Fit
  • Slim Fit
  • Loose Fit

In Normal Fit: Men with normal body type can go with adding 16 cm to the waist, hip, and chest measurements to offer some extra room.

Loose Fit: Men with a loose fit can go with adding 20 cm to the waist, hip, and chest measurements.

Slim Fit: A slim fit is mainly the body type of athletic people. These people have non-muscular or slim torse. These people can buy shirts adding 12 cm to the waist, hip, and chest measurements. 

2. Amazing Fabric

Another factor to consider while buying a stylish men shirt is fabric. Everyone wants different clothing for different occasions. Sometimes climate is also responsible for having a change in your fabric. Considering both AC and outdoor environment, you must buy a cloth.

Fine Cotton: A lightweight, comfortable cotton offers good heat conduction and moisture. Such a fabric offers fine smoothness against the body. 

Linen: These shirts are comfortable for casual wearings.

3. Collar – Stylish Men Shirt

Collar Types - Stylish men shirt
Collar Types

A right collar enhances the look of your face. Therefore, a collar plays a key role in deciding the downplay or speeding up your facial features. So have a look at different types of collars:

  • Spread Collar: Such collars (about 10 cm apart) goes perfect with any fabric, pattern, or color. These collars suit the best for medium or long shaped faces.
  • Widespread Collar: These colors roughly 14 cm apart look ultra-stylish even when you wear them in unbuttoned form.
  • Classic Collar: Such collars (about 8 cm wide ( look elegant on both professional and casual settings.
  • Wing Collar: Wing collar looks trendy on a Tuxedo.
  • Brand Collar: These collars look great with linen shirts.

4. Color, Buttons, And More

Considering more, pearl and wooden buttons look best for a higher quality of clothes and casual shirts, respectively. Also, when it comes to color, for office or business purposes, you must have a white or blue shirt. For a casual outing, go with striped or checked shirts. And for brunch, informal dinners, weddings, or summers, you can go with floral prints. 

So next time you buy a shirt, consider these above factors for choosing a stylish men shirt.

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