Syracuse New York Attractions – List Of Things To Do Here

Syracuse New York Attractions

Do you wish to know about the exquisite Syracuse New York attractions? Do you want to explore the best places in NYC? Are you in search of some places that can offer the best picturesque view for you? Well, if you talk about Syracuse, then it’s one of the most spectacularly preserved cities of New York.

Syracuse’s undeniable and treasure trove of historical sites and restored buildings make this city even more beautiful. From discovering the museum to sightseeing, having perfect dining, shopping, strolling, and feeling the incredible nature in the city’s park is beautiful. So you can enjoy every corner of Syracuse. Also, the major attractions of this city are basketball teams and Orange football.

Moreover, several prime Syracuse New York attractions are present downtown. The breathtaking fall, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and eye-catching foliage in summers make this city heavily beautiful. In all, to spend the best time here, see the list of best things to do in Syracuse.

List of Things To Explore In Syracuse New York Attractions

1. Rosamond Gifford Zoo: Syracuse New York Attractions

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Rosamond Gifford Zoo, present at Burnet Park, is one of the major attractions in Syracuse, New York. The area spreads over 43 acres comprising plentiful animals. Moreover, all-year-round, the zoo is open and open even in the frosting winters.

2. The Carrier Dome: Syracuse New York Attractions

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The Carrier Dome in Syracuse is a shelter roof for nearly 50,000 seats that’s a domed stadium. Here, you can enjoy seeing Syracuse’s various University sports such as lacrosse, basketball, and football. Also, you can view tons and tons of non-college sporting activities and concerts. The sports activities here include shows of Olympic champion ice skating. 

3. Destiny USA: Syracuse New York Attractions

Destiny USA is a mammoth mall that is also the largest shopping place in Syracuse. The place is famous for offering you your favorite stores plus dozens of exquisite restaurants, fantastic nightlife, plus entertainment. And not only this, but you can even enjoy outlet stores at massive discounts here.

Moreover, the place also organizes events such as children’s activities for free, antique shows, etc.

4. Downtown Syracuse: Best Syracuse New York Attractions

Downtown Syracuse is a remarkable region of amazing old buildings that comprises beautiful public squares, and some of them are restored. The city is famous for maintaining its exotic, rich, and undeniably beautiful architectural heritage. And all these beauties you will find in downtown Syracuse. 

Also, one can find some of the world-class hotels, shops, and restaurants in this city. So, spend your afternoon here and glance at some of the best Syracuse New York attractions.

5. Green Lakes State Park

Another gem of Syracuse New York attractions is Green Lake, State Park. It’s a huge park that features two wonderful glacial lakes known for their out-of-the-box blue-green hue.

Also, the round lake is a famous National Natural Landmark. Moreover, the far-reaching beaches here attract plenty of visitors in the summers.

A 10-mile hiking trail here amid old-growth forests makes this place more special. Also, there’s an 18-hole place for playing golf, and across the road, you will find the historic towpath of the Erie Canal.

Conclusion on Syracuse New York Attractions

Seeing the above beautiful places, make your mind to visit these Syracuse New York attractions once.

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