The Best New York Attractions For Kids

new york attractions for kids

If your kids are very much into stars and outer space, then these places will definitely take their mind off everything else. Below, we have listed some of the top New York attractions for kids that your kids will surely love.

If you have a tight schedule and only have a few days or weeks to spend on New York attractions for kids, then you might want to start your trip with the top two most visited theme parks in the city: Disney and New York Aquarium. Both of these theme parks have several fun and exciting attractions that your kids will definitely enjoy. At the same time, they are also home to several marine reserves, great family spots and even educational activities that will keep them busy for hours.


A bridge over a body of water with a city in the background

If you do not want to spend too much time sightseeing, then you might want to consider New York attractions for kids that are located within the three boroughs of New York City itself. Among these is the popular theme park attraction of Disney, which is called ‘Avatar’. This attraction is centered on the mythical land of Pandora, which was also used in the successful movie ‘The Chronicles of Rama’ a few years ago. 

Located in the Midtown section of New York, near Times Square, Avatar is a three dimensional experience that lets your children feel like they are taking part in the colorful world of the cartoon characters. The natural sounds and scenery around the location also create an amazing effect as your children listen to the gentle sounds made by the resident animals and stroll through the land while looking at the wonderful background scenery.

The Lands & Bridges

A close up of a busy city street

Another of the New York attractions for kids that you should take a look at is the lands & bridges New York attraction. This theme park offers a thrilling ride for the kids, which allows them to feel the thrill of speed and adventure as they go through a tunnel that leads them through the exciting Disney World rides and other areas of the theme park. Along with this attraction, there are several other thrilling activities to enjoy during your holidays in the Big Apple including basketball, magic shows, balloon rentals, the merry-go-round and more. Moreover, if you stay at one of the top best New York hotels such as the Platinum Hudson Hotel, Gramercy Hotel, theilton Nuevo Hotel or the Best Western Seven Seas Hotel, then you can easily access this top theme park.

For a sightseeing and shopping experience that is out of this world, you can also opt for the New York attractions for kids which include various art galleries and museums. There are numerous New York museums that are a must visit while you are in the city. The most prominent among them is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is located in New York’s main Broadway Street. Here, you can see some of the most famous art and historical artifacts from around the world including Egyptian artifacts, European paintings, and so on. In addition to this, there are also other smaller museums here like the National Gallery, the Saatchi gallery, the Japanese Museum, etc. All these museums have their own unique beauty that will surely mesmerize your children.

New York Metal Shells And The Museum Of Modern Art

If you want to check out the latest artwork and designs, then the New York attractions for kids that include the New York Metal Shells and The Museum of Modern Art are the perfect destinations. These museums are both fascinating and charming that your kids will never get bored of visiting. Moreover, with the help of a transport like the New York subway system, you can also visit various other places in the city. From Times Square to the ferry terminal at Queensbridge, you can visit different interesting places within a few hours time. Thus, with a suitable transport schedule, you can definitely spend your recent trip in the city in an amazing way.

For those who want to take the subway to visit all the other interesting places in the city, the best option is to transfer to the borough of Staten Island and travel to the borough of Brooklyn. From there, you can travel to all the other boroughs of New York like Manhattan and the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn, or just to the north and northwest areas of the island. Among the most popular subway rides for kids include the Spiderman Tours, the Staten Island ferry, the NJ Transit tour, the New York City Sightseeing, the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, among others.


Apart from the subway rides, there are many other New York attractions for kids which includes the High Line, which is an elevated lighted walkway located between Ellis Island and the New York City Botanical Garden. You can also go for the walking tours, which are available in different formats and suitable for children ranging from toddlers to teenagers. There are also various other educational programs, including art camps and summer camps. These camps help children enhance their knowledge about nature and get inspired by various natural sights and sounds, along with meeting new friends. There are even special programs for handicapped kids under the Special Needs Children’s program, which help them enjoy special programs and activities, including swimming, arts and crafts, and visiting the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the High Line.

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