This Gadget Is Designed To Help You Coping With Hot Summer Days! Carry Your Fan With You, Stay Cool!

In almost every room, either it’s home or office space, different areas seem to be a bit stuffy because they aren’t getting any airflow. And, commonly, we all feel irritated in such areas during hot summers. Only a few hours outdoors can irritate due to the stickiness of sweating. 

If you are facing the above-mentioned problems, probably time to invest in a portable fan. 

 In this case, you are wondering about some portable fan. A portable fan is a quick cooling solution in a variety of summer situations. 

But now, you may have the excuse about extra baggage to carry a portable fan and bear some additional weight. Don’t worry, and there’s a solution to these problems too.

This very article is about a lightweight, portable fan that has a supercool appearance too. 

Portable Fan With Lanyard

You cannot afford to compromise on your creativity and Productivity in this fast-moving world, even if it’s a hot summer. It doesn’t matter if your sitting or working area doesn’t have enough air circulation, or you don’t have access to an air conditioner at all times. You can still be cool and sweat-free. This portable fan with lanyard from SEIZON is compact-sized fans with USB charging, so you don’t have to bother about wires while using it. 

With its ABS thermoplastic, it is highly resistant to many wear and tears. Unlike a regular portable fan, the unique feature you don’t need to carry it in a bag. You use a lanyard to carry it like a camera or id card, still feeling a breeze of cool and calming Sleep Wind. It takes up very little space. You use it anywhere, like working on your table or watching TV or preparing food in the kitchen. 

This summer, don’t worry about the lack of air circulation or poor air quality and keep all itching and sweating at bay with this cool Portable Fan With Lanyard. The portable fan will be your savior in summer to your peak energy level every moment of the day.


Material: ABS

USB Charging

Power: 5 V

Battery capacity: 1800 mAh

Lasts up to 2-6 hours

Size: 115 x 89 x 32 mm

Weight: 130 g

The front of it


It helps you to be sweat-free and cool in summers wherever you go, even outdoors.

Size is portable to fit in small bags.

It is highly lightweight and easy to carry around in a bag or like an id card without straining your neck.

It is convenient and handy.

It has a pretty good battery backup with 4-6 hours of continuous use for a mini fan.

No hassle of electricity and wires once charged.

A woman throwing a ball


Not suitable for 2-3 days day travel after a single charging

It can be a bit expensive.

If not carefully kept, lanyards can get easily lost.


Keeping yourself cool all-time with Natural Wind during the hot summer is not challenging as it sounds. This Portable Fan With Lanyard helps keep you cool and ventilated during times of scorching sun and will keep your mind calm and fresh to be productive all day long. So with this portable fan, beat the heat of summer with smartness.

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