Top 3 New York To Niagara Falls Tour Packages Just For You

new york to niagara falls tour packages

Reading the geography book about Niagara falls always fascinated me. A humongous natural tourist attraction that swarms with visitors each year. So, if you are someone who is also in the same boat to plan out their Niagara falls trip from the chaotic New York City, then you are at the right place. This article covers a 1-day trip, 2-day trip, and 3 day trip for your convenience. On that note,

Things That You Get Offered In This Trips

A tour guide will assist you with the whereabouts to enjoy a profound time here.

You also get to ride on a 15 passenger vehicle to help you have some fun time with your full family.

On the 2-day and 3-day trip, you get to enjoy your continental breakfast at the hotels you stay in.

For the 1000 islands cruise make sure that you take this trip around May to October.

Let us get going with –

1 Day Tour: New York To Niagara Falls Tour Packages

A large pot

This is a one day trip to the magnificent Niagara Falls.

Time To Depart And Return:

You need to start your trip from 790 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019, the USA at around 8.30 in the morning.

Enjoy quality time in the fall and return after you are satisfied with the day at your original, departure point.

With a tourist guide by your side, learn the historical stories surrounding this mighty waterfall. Then have something for lunch and get ready to shop for some souvenirs for your way back home. Make sure to visit Niagara Fall state park while visiting here.

2 Day Tour: New York To Niagara Falls Tour Packages

A small boat in a body of water with a mountain in the background

Being one of the beautiful locations in the world, traveling for one day might not be satisfying. Hence going for the 2-day trip might be a better deal. This trip includes-

Time To Depart And Return

For this 2 day trip, you need to depart at around 6.30 a.m from

Return to the original departure point after you finish your 2 day trip with a smiling face.

Spend the night at the hotel and relish the breathtaking sight of the humongous fall getting all lighted in the night. The very next day, cross the border to witness this wonderful view from the other side, which is from Canada while taking down the boat ride of “Maid of the Mist ”. Take your next ride towards Tannersville which is in the Pocono Mountain area for shopping for gifts and souvenirs.

3 Day Tour: New York To Niagara Falls Tour Packages

This 3-day trip would offer you the chance to visit the border of Canada. Also, you will get to take trips to Toronto and the Thousand Islands.

Time To Depart and Return

Start your journey from

Enjoy quality time watching this spectacular natural wonder after you reach your destination. Then you can plan your tour to the “Maid of the Mist” boat ride in the evening continuing till the next morning.

Take the next trip to Lake Ontario to Canada’s largest city, which is Toronto. Walk the roads to explore more of the city, then get on the St.Lawrence cruiser to take you to the 1000 islands.


This is your 1 day, 2 days, and 3 days Niagara falls trip plan. Have your vacation days ready now. Clear your schedule and take your trip to this wonderful choice of natural attraction. I hope you have a safe trip.

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