Top three places of City tour in new york

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Are you a movie freak? Guess what’s common in these movies: Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow, Cloverfield. Have you ever noticed that in all three movies, at some point, ‘The Statue of Liberty’ is destroyed? Why do the movie directors destroy this magnificent piece of art? Exactly, they destroy it to press the seriousness of the situation. So how about a trip to New York just to see this important and mesmerizing piece of art? Here are top three places to visit in New York.

Dover Stone Church

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How about hiking for an hour by listening to the chirps of birds, quenching your nature’s thirst by surrounding yourself with trees and letting your thoughts flow just like the water? If you like spending time in these surroundings, then Dover Stone Church is the perfect place to visit on your vacation. Unlike its name, Dover Stone Church is not a church. The name emphasizes the cave like structure and the calming effect this place possess. People who love hiking are advised to visit this place as most of the time is spent on hiking than visiting the place itself. That doesn’t mean this place isn’t worthwhile. The view ends with a waterfall inside the cave.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

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Not everyone knows to love art so deep. Most people see art from their view. But if you’re a person who can view art from the artists’ perspective, then MoMA is the place for you. This particular museum in New York City attracts tourists from all over the world. And the major reason behind the tourists’ visit is that this museum is home for ‘The Starry Night’, painting by Vincent van Gogh. Apart from ancient as well as modern paintings, MoMA also exhibits rare photographs, sculptures etc… The Museum also retains MoMA Design Store from where you can purchase artistic things.

Broadway Street

How about holding a Starbucks coffee and walking along the longest street in the world or munching some popcorn and watching one of the classics in a theatre? Broadway is one of the most popular streets in New York City. The reason behind the tourist attraction is because of the Broadway shows. This street houses nearly 40 theatres and they not only stream new movies but also play classics and musicals. This street is nicknamed as ‘The Great White Way’ for its vibrant electric lights which emphasizes its picture at night.     


Apart from ‘Fifth Avenue’, ‘Times Square’ and ‘Empire State’, these are some of the places to be considered if you’re planning to go on a vacation to New York. Why is ‘The Statue of Liberty’ not included in the list? Well, there are certain places that must and should be visited even without recommendation. Just how ‘Eiffle Tower’ for Paris, ‘Taj Mahal’ for India and ‘The Great Wall’ for China ‘The Statue of Liberty’ hypes up New York. Never miss a chance to visit these places.

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