Travel advisory: New York, Paris, London, Venice, etc

travel advisory new york

The New York City travel advisory board has released its travel advisory for the year. Here is what they have to say:

“While we are committed to providing up-to-date information and advice, our first priority is to warn travellers of the current threat to our security posed by international terrorism. Although we believe that the safety of all visitors should be a top priority, in light of the heightened security measures recently implemented in New York City and other cities across the country, we strongly recommend that you consult with a local, state, or federal travel advisory agency before planning a trip to this or any city.” So really, the New York City travel advisory is more of a warning to tourists and not an advisory about what is actually going on in the city.

Travel Advisory New York

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What exactly is a travel advisory? It is a statement issued by a department or agency (most often the Department of homeland security) warning travellers of a potential pending threat. You see, travel advisories are not travelled advisories; they are statements. You can’t drive down the street and tell someone that there is a bomb going off in Times Square or anywhere else in the city and expect that he/she will take you seriously. Just because the New York City travel advisory says that there is a possible threat does not mean that it exists.

A travel advisory is simply a recommendation made by someone in a government capacity. For example, if your boss said there was a threat of terrorism in the office and you should be careful what you decide to do or where you go and that you should also cancel all travel plans, then you would go by the advice of your boss and the travel advisory board would issue a warning about it. There is nothing wrong with that except that you wouldn’t have any way of proving that the warning was false.

Medical Travel Advisory

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Another example might be a medical travel advisory released by your doctor. Again, it’s true that your doctor may have information about a certain disease or medical emergency, but he/she does NOT recommend travelling or cancelling your travel plans. You would go by the information from your doctor, and the travel advisory board would issue a warning. The only problem is that there is no way for you to prove that the information given to you is false.

Travel Advisory New York Based On Different Consideration

The travel advisory board makes its recommendations based on various considerations. Some of those considerations might include the threat to domestic travellers, the threat to travelling tourists; the threat to business travellers; and the threat to American citizens. So, if you are travelling outside of the United States, you should definitely consult a travel advisory board to get any advice before making your trip. Even if you are travelling within the US, you should still be very wary of any travel advisory given out by a travel advisory board.

Not all travel advisory board meetings are created equal. If your travel advisory board recommends you travel to a destination, don’t take their advice seriously. They are most likely doing so with ulterior motives – to make some extra money and to keep you from thinking about other things while on your trip. They will be advising you on a topic, which is up to you to decide whether you should heed their advice or not.

Bottom Line

I can’t tell you whether a travel advisory board is right or wrong. Only you can determine that for yourself. But you should at least pay attention to what they are saying, especially if you plan on travelling to a high-risk destination (i.e., Places with violence or large crimes). That’s where their advice could really save your life!

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